Captain Fogg's TERPSauce
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Product description: These delicious terpene profiles closely match the terpene ratio of known strains.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are these?

FOGG Terpenes™ and Horizon Terpenes® are a pure terpene-based flavoring products. The are meant to be added to a carrier and impart flavors and effects based on the ratio of terpenes.

Alchemy is a tepene-enhanced PG/PEG based liquidizer. These are used to liquify waxes and concentrates.

FOGG Cutter is a pure terpene based liquidizer. It is used the same way as Alchemy, but contains no glycerins, just a nearly-flavorless mix of terpenes.

How do you use pure terpene products?

The uses for these products are still being discovered. So far, we've found that it can improve the taste and effect of terpene-poor herbal products, it improves emulsification of extracts, and it can add flavor virtually anything.

Pure terpenes can be added to almost any material to improve flavor and effect! Here are some of the ways our customers have found to use pure terpenes:

  • Herbal Extracts, waxes, or concentrates:

    Simply add one or two drops per gram of extract. We find that about 5 percent or 1 part in 20 works best. For best results gently heat extract and mix well.
  • Dried/Cured material:

    Add one or two drops of pure terpenes to a clean paper towel. Place towel in a sealed container with three to seven grams of material. Place in a cool, dry place for twenty-four hours. The terpenes should add lots of flavor!
  • Water:

    Add a drop of pure terpenes to your water. Keeps it tasting fresh and helps keep your container clean.
  • Edibles:

    Add a few drops of pure terpenes to your recipes. Depending on the profile, start at 1% concentration and work up to taste.
  • Candles:

    Add pure terpenes to your candles! Use up to 20% terpene concentration and add to cooled but liquid wax.
  • Topicals and Soaps:

    Add these to your lotions and soaps! Amount depends on preference.
Note: Pure terpenes are highly concentrated and can cause skin and eye irritation. Add very small amounts and increase to taste. Never vape or dab pure terpenes!
Are your products pure terpenes?

Our FOGG Terpenes™, Horizon Terpenes®, and FOGG Cutter contain pure terpenes, no PG, no PEG, and no VG added. Our Alchemy products are terpene enhanced and USP PG/PEG based.

Do pure terpenes flavors taste like the strain they are based on?

Flavor is subjective and dependent on many factors, including the classic tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami), the aroma chemicals, the physiology of the taster and even the color of the room the taster is in. The flavor of a strain is also greatly affected by the form it is in (flower, hash, oil, etc) and the age and condition it is in. Our flavors are created using lab reports and represent only the terpene profile of these strains. We can't claim that these flavors taste like any particular cannabis product.

Are your terpenes cannabis derived?

No. Right now, all of our terpenes are USP grade, steam distilled from natural, organic, non-GMO sources like pine, oranges and hops. One exception is Cutter which contains a synthetic version of a very common natural terpene.

USP? What does that mean.

Some people refer to USP as "Food Grade", but it's more than that. The definition of USP is:

A chemical grade of sufficient purity to meet or exceed requirements of the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP); acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use; may be used for most laboratory purposes.
USP is the highest grade available for commercial use. See here for more info.

Do any of your products contain THC?

No. Our products are composed of all USP, legally available ingredients.

Do you distill your own terpenes?

Not currently. We carefully source our terpenes from suppliers who specialize in USP grade terpenes. We do, however plan on setting up a distillation lab and will be experimenting with distillation, so we may be offering our own terpenes some time in the future.

Who is Captain Fogg?

Captain Fogg is currently Gerald Azenaro, the founder and CEO of Fogg Flavor Labs. An experienced vapor flavorist, Gerald has had a long career in software and web development.