Captain Fogg's TERPSauce
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Product description: These delicious terpene profiles closely match the terpene ratio of known strains.


Introducing the TERPETRON TERPETRON Screen Shot

Fogg Labs is proud to present the TERPETRON, terpene profile customizer. The TERPETRON allows YOU to design profiles yourself, using the entire range of terpenes we stock. Our intuitive interface allows you to visualize, save, quote, and order your own custom mix.

Simply register your account and start designing now!

Pure Terpene Mix Calculator

Want more precision than the "one drop per gram" rule-of-thumb? Enter the amount you want to flavor, the units you are using, the strength in percentage, and click Calculate. We'll show exactly how much you need.


Terpene Profiles

We create high quality strain specific terpene profiles! Check out our FOGG TERPENES!

Horizon Terpenes®

Our HORIZON Terpenes® products are custom designed. Check out HORIZON terpenes®!

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